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Cantigas de Santa Maria – music in the times of miracles. A musical series with Anna Rynefors. Update: Available in full! Lowered price!

In a village in the south of Sweden lives musician and storyteller Anna Rynefors  – a skilled performer of medieval music on a number of instruments, whom I’ve commisioned to create this unique videoseries.

Now you are cordially invited to join her on a musical journey to 13th century Spain – a journey which takes the form of a series of eight songs from the 13th century manuscript Cantigas de Santa Maria (Songs of the holy Mary). A manuscript of songs whereof some may well have been written by a king; Alfonso X El Sabio (the learned).

Join Anna as she tells the marvelous stories of medieval miracles; of talking animals, of flying furniture, of springs springing forth from the ground – in short it’s a magical time when anything may happen – and as she sings and plays the songs on instruments used in the middle ages. Get to know the stories, enjoy the music, and experience the middle ages in a new way.

And if you perchance play medieval music yourself, or wish to start doing so, Anna, who has performed this kind of music for over twenty years, will share some of the secrets of her trade with you. To be clear this will just be some pointers on how the songs might be played, nothing very thorough.

Place: Wherever you wish! (and have internet access)

Time: Whenever and how often you wish! You’ll recieve an email after you’ve bought the video series with information on how to access Cantigas de Santa Maria – Music in the times of miracles.

Price: 125 SEK. Please pay via PayPal to

The series is available in Swedish as well!

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  1. Anna Gidlund April 17, 2021

    At what time will the cours be held? Is the course interactive or is il lextures and examplees for slfstudy?

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